why we need gun control in America

why we need gun control in America
why we need gun control in America

why we need gun control in America?

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It’s all over the media, and it’s more frequent than you think: horrific shootings at schools, churches, and places of commerce. In fact, a kid threatened to bring a gun into North Kingstown High School last year. Fortunately, the police were able to identify the nature of the danger.

According to a 2017 survey done by pewresearch.org, 44% of Americans knew someone who had been shot. These occurrences cannot be regulated. More gun regulation is required on a national scale.

More outdoor gun control entails tighter regulations and more security in gun transactions in order to prevent potentially dangerous people from acquiring firearms. It also entails restricting the kinds of weapons that people may purchase. For example, although most people believe that firearms are necessary for personal defense, no citizen needs an automatic assault rifle to defend themselves. A standard pistol should be enough for self-defense.

// The topic is – why we need gun control in America

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We must ensure that these restrictions apply to gun shows and private transactions as well. Unlicensed sellers are not often obliged to conduct FBI background checks on shotguns and other longer weapons at gun shows. This kind of behavior, for example, is legal in the state of Pennsylvania. Federal law does not need any background checks if you sell a gun in a private transaction.

Some argue that tighter gun control legislation would be ineffective because criminals would find a way to acquire dangerous weapons regardless of the circumstances. Nonetheless, statistics indicate that nations with stronger gun control legislation had lower rates of gun suicide and murder.

According to fastcompany.com, there are just two procedures that all states must do as a basic minimum in the United States. Although some jurisdictions have additional limitations, this is the absolute minimum that all states must have when purchasing a gun from an outdoor hand gun shop.

Step 1: A quick background check to see whether you have a criminal past. Step 2: Get the weapon. There are a staggering thirteen steps in Japan. Among the stages include completing a firearms class, taking a test, and having a doctor provide a letter stating that you are psychologically competent to own a gun. In certain instances, you must additionally undergo a police interview and explain why you need a gun. You must also provide a review of your criminal history. After that, you must attend a one-day training session and pass a fire test. Then you must provide a certificate from a gun shop detailing the kind of gun you want. You may ultimately buy the firearm after another background check and having the police examine your gun storage.

As a result, a background check in the United States is insufficient; someone with a clean past may snap and commit a crime. We must take the additional measures taken by Japan on a national scale. That final step regarding storage is very essential, since it ensures that no dangerous individual may simply steal your pistol.

The statistics speak for themselves. In 2017, there were 0.04 gun fatalities per 100,000 persons in Japan, according to a graph on npr.org. In the same year, the number of gun fatalities per 100,000 persons in the United States was 4.43. That’s more than a hundred times as many deaths! // The topic is why we need gun control in America.

While it is impossible to completely prevent gun fatalities, tighter gun regulations will result in fewer casualties. Remember that less death is always preferable than more.

A majority of Americans think that there should be additional safeguards in place when purchasing firearms. According to a Quinnipiac survey, 67 percent of Americans favor an assault weapons ban, and 83 percent support strict waiting periods when purchasing a firearm. Pre-purchase background checks are supported by 97 percent of gun owners. If the majority of American people want legislation to enhance their safety, such laws should be written. // The topic is why we need gun control in America.

Opponents of gun control may argue that the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees every American the right to own a weapon. This, however, is not the case. The Second Amendment only protects the right to carry weapons to militia members. This was essential at the time. America had only just won independence, and its people needed to be prepared to defend themselves in the event that Britain or another nation invaded. But that is no longer required. Because the United States is not on the verge of war, it is not essential for every person to carry a firearm. And, furthermore, would you want someone with a history of violence or mental illness holding a potentially lethal weapon? I don’t believe so.

To enhance the safety of our communities, we must enact tougher gun regulations in our nation, for the protection of innocent children in schools, adults at work, and anybody in public.

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