Best Reviews and Newport Gas Fireplace Repair

Best Reviews and Newport Gas Fireplace Repair

The service Black Goose provided was great. Recent gas furnace repair reviews in Newport News Black Goose Chimney. They were thoroughly inspected and found a fault many other firms had failed to address. You felt that the workplace was treated like your own home. Don’t hesitate to recruit.

– Helmut M.

Fireplace servicing for Eastern Light Gas Fireplace Repair We recently purchased a new house with gas chimneys. Each fireplace was cleaned by the technician and told me how to switch them on and off correctly.

– Lucre l.

Eastern Light gas fireplace service I decided to clean my logs using the fireplace. Very professional – wOODY B. Fireplace service.

Great, he was extremely knowledgable and helpful. Eastern fireplace service Great. He supplied some service that was also important for my fireplace business. Once I turn it off, I intend to hire again.

– Jimmie f. – Jimmie f.

Eastern Light Gas fireplace servicing Daniel was extremely informed and know-how and performed a great and comprehensive work. It was really excellent.

– Marlene k. – Marlene k. –

Our technician, Daniel, explained what he was doing every step of the way and was competent, courteous and extremely patient. He also took additional time ensuring that our gas chimney worked properly. In future, I’m certainly going to use Eastern Light again.

– Jack s. – Jack s.

Mechanical Hobbs Magnificent. Tyler, our technician, took the time to answer all our questions quickly, professionally and in a very fair period of time, and performed all we asked.

– Clever M. – M.

Todd Anderson sent me to repair my top toilet, which dropped in the washing area below. Todd Anderson sent me a plumber to fix my toilet upstairs. In addition, it would seep into the washroom below while taking my shower upstairs. Todd Anderson solved both issues after heavy working hours…. Read more – DAVID K.

Heating & cooling in Sweetland My heating and cooling have been serviced for years. “Well I can trust them are very well trained, they have installed my water-heater, gas-fireplace and fire place in the past. They know what they are doing.. I will reportation this company to the Dept. Virginia, thanks to Richard R – RICHARD J R Eastern Light Gas fireplace services.

I will report this business to the Virginia Dept. Eastern Light Gas Fireplace Service. Of professional and occupational rules. I work as a realtor assistant and we have a property we tried to shut down, and the chimney didn’t work and it also had some kind of tag on the exterior of the meter. On the tag, a licensed gas filter has to fix it before it is possible to shut down the gas service. So I discovered this enterprise since I use angi constantly in projects. I have clearly seen that he claimed he has a license for traders on his page (I still have the screenshots btw and will be giving them to the investigators).

I recalled, gosh, checking the figures in this database since it is not a genuine number of licences. Not for any Virginia business. I assumed it could be a mistake but the business I looked up… At all, nothing. Then I started to dig a little. I examined if they had a State Corp business. Comission… And BINGO! – And BINGO! The name of the LLC owner is listed. The’s when I digged that person with some backstory. I found him (the owner) to be a serial drug-related criminal (one of his charges was related to a gun).

It could not get worse, as if it could not. It has an LLC listing (this is not difficult for any scam). Just look at this company’s website for the state Corp commission. In the new wide Court case, search the owner’s name. Website Website (its free). You may directly shorten this by going to the court site of the news port. It’s not the normal general criminal court that you have to find the criminal circuit. Do investigation since this may have cost my employer this sale. If consumers utilize this data in order to base what they are going to do and who they will employ, it’s not right to falsely assign yourself.

It is also against to Angi policy to use a fake identity to register your business. This is to prevent the criminal background inspection from failing. He just created a name or utilized an els. It’s also a shame selling drugs and cheating individuals who have been working hard to obtain a trade license for many years. This is terrible, and mistaken… Not very clever, too, since fraudulent usage of DOPR license numbers is a pretext for criminal prosecution and lifelong prohibition of entering or returning to DOPR/license registration. The claimed offense occurs at least for the State. Read fewer

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