firewood sales news for Young entrepreneurs

firewood sales news
firewood sales news

Harrison Hodgkins has a goal for his firewood sales company in EPPING.

“Right now, we’re starting off small. “Rather than boxes, I’d want to load some trailers,” he said. “We can fill them and distribute a chord at a time.”

But for the next several years, he’ll have to rely on someone else to drive those vehicles.

Harrison, 12, and his brothers Henry, 13, and Harper, 8, operate a firewood sales company. While the trio isn’t quite ready to swap in their play clothes for pinstripes, they’ve discovered that running their own little company is a great opportunity to acquire new skills and give back.

They are Abby and Ben Hodgkins’ children, and they have lived in Epping for approximately three years.

Harrison, according to Abby Hodgkins, has always been the “most enterprising” of her children, and he came up with the concept of selling the family’s extra wood.

Their property, which was originally the residence of prizefighter Jack Sharkey, is three acres in size. Ben Hodgkins was working on clearing some fallen trees on their back property about a year ago, so the children could play more safely. Harrison, she said, had a different plan. This article related title to firewood sales news.

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firewood sales news
firewood sales news

firewood sales news For Harrison Hodgkins

In the autumn of 2019, he started putting out boxes of the remaining timber. Customers “came and went,” according to Abby Hodgkins, but it was enough for the other two kids to understand Harrison was onto something.

“They told me, ‘You’re earning money.’ We’d want to come in,’” she remembered.

She said that they labor in their yard all the time, and much more so during the stay-at-home mandate, so replenishing the firewood was simple. The kids put out dumpsters and established rates, and their mother promoted their services on the Facebook page of the Epping Squawks.

They’ve become better at controlling the ebb and flow, and when consumers start dropping off, she says, “they tell me, ‘Put us back on Epping Squawks!'” // This article related to firewood sales news

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She went on to say that the youngsters manage the firewood sales company as if it were a genuine business. She and Ben make certain that money is returned to the company by buying gas for the chainsaw and assisting in the maintenance of other equipment. She said that they purchase their own tarps to cover the wood boxes in the rain.

But there is enough money left over for them to have some genuine spending money, which they spend on each other.

Before the wood business, Abby Hodgkins claimed she would give each kid a little sum of money and take them shopping for their siblings’ birthday and Christmas gifts. They now have their own money and are excited to spend it. They selected and paid for their own gifts for parents and siblings for Christmas, and they were more thrilled to watch their family members receive their gifts than they were about the “expensive things.” // this article related title to firewood sales news.

She and Ben are also teaching children the value of giving back, particularly in these difficult economic times, according to Hodgkins.

They are considering donating a portion of their earnings to local charity. She said that they are interested in feeding additional children, perhaps via Epping’s End 68 Hours of Hunger program.

They’re also giving “offers” on the wood, such as purchasing six crates and receiving the sixth one for free, she said.

Harrison remembers handing his father the money after the first shipment of wood sold, stating, “You’re the owner.” Ben Hodgkins, on the other hand, gave him the money back and replied, “No, you are.”

It was all the young entrepreneur needed. He started gathering firewood and storing it in containers while also collecting money. He claimed that when Henry and Harper realized what he was doing, he made them partners.

On a good week, the trio sees 10 to 15 clients, according to Harrison. He doesn’t mind the bad weeks since the good ones balance things out, he says.

“They just keep coming, coming, coming,” he said.

While he hasn’t yet learned how to handle the business’s accounting, Harrison muses, “that’s definitely a good idea.”

According to Abby Hodgkins, there is also a significant socializing component, with regular customers returning and becoming friends. This article related title to firewood sales news

Abby Hodgkins isn’t shocked that her children have gone into business for themselves. Abby and Ben are both business owners, with Abby having a child care facility and Ben owning Plaistow Golf Rides. She and Ben said they would attempt to instill their attitude in the children as they sell wood and earn money: “work hard for your money, be there for your family, and give back.”

Will the company grow? Abby Hodgkins is not shocked. While she and Ben avoid removing historic old-growth trees, she pointed out that there are plenty of fallen trees on their land.

And Harrison, as usual, is planning forward. “Rather than splitting the wood, he wants to mill it,” his mother said. “And he wants to construct a more permanent structure.”

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